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The Danger of Strangers Online

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

7th March 2019

The Dark Web, how much do you know? This information session will get parents up to date with apps your children are using.

When you think about Stranger Danger, are you thinking of a white van outside a school or a man with a dog that has just had puppies? This event will take that message and turn it on its head.

Unlike similar events this presentation will not be covering issues like password security or blocking software. The aim is to bring parents totally up to date regarding the apps their children are using and how they are being directly targeted in that environment by paedophiles.

The figures that are mentioned will be coming direct from children in Essex who have been spoken to within a week of the event and are sure to shock everyone that attends.

FREE Internet Safety Sessions for Parents, Carers & Guardians of children in Years 6, 7, 8, 9 in the Tendring District.

DATE: Thursday March 7th 2019
TIME: 7.00pm - 9.15pm
VENUE: Princess Theatre, Clacton-On-Sea

8th March 2019

We are pleased to announce that we will be running our popular 'Safeguarding Children in the 21st Century Course' on Friday 8th March 2019. For this event, we have been able to secure the exclusive Rayleigh Club 

The course has been fully updated for 2019 and the morning session will include content in regards to the current applications being used by children including TicToc, (now being used by all children from year 3 to year 11) and You Tube Live. It will also include Children’s interaction with online gaming which will be explored in detail, including references to the massively popular games ‘Fortnite’ and 'RoBLOX'.


The course consists of the following four sessions:

  •  A session covering the most recent applications being used by children and the associated risks (this has been heavily updated in the last 3 months). This segment mirrors the up to date sessions currently delivered by ‘The 2 Johns’ in schools.
  • A session covering Gaming and the associated risks to children plus reference to the role of online influencers and how they manipulate children, including advice on how to keep children safe.
  • A session covering how to interview a child, to maximise the chances of obtaining an accurate disclosure. This will explore appropriate and inappropriate methods of communication.
  • A session exploring the types of policies required in school, which deals with the new issues around internet/phone use. This will also include a chance to talk through any issues experienced in relation to internet offending.

The course explores areas that are essential in regards to understanding the risks presented to children by people with a sexual interest in them. The course also covers how to safeguard children in the online world and expands on what delegates may have seen us previously cover. This will also elaborate on links we can make between the activities of children in the past compared with today and how this knowledge will help us safeguard children. 

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