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The Danger of Strangers Online

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Walk Online Roadshow for Parents

This event is aimed at parents who want to know more about how they can help keep their children safe online. Delivered by "The Two Johns" who have extensive expertise in the field, this event will give parents and carers a better understanding of the online roadshow being delivered in schools across the Rochford District and provide practical advice to keep their children safe. This event is free to attend and is funded by the Castle Point and Rochford Community Safety Partnership.

This event is scheduled to start at 7 PM with a planned 20 minute break half way through the session. Attendees are asked to be in their seats 10 minutes before the start of the event.

Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Chief Executive Officer

Mill Hall

Bellingham Lane



19.00 - 21.00 

'The Real World vs The Virtual World'

In these sessions the 2 Johns will seek to totally change your current perception of the risks young people face online. They will take your existing knowledge, put this in the spotlight and compare it to the experiences being disclosed to them by thousands of young children from the age of 5 – 12. You will leave the session questioning your current views and will realise that without making changes to your approach at home you may inadvertently be increasing the risks faced by your children.

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Saturday 10th August 2019

Chief Executive Officer

Basildon Council Offices 

10.10 or 12.10