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The Danger of Strangers Online

When you think about Stranger Danger are you thinking of a white van outside a school or a man with a dog that has just had puppies?

Far too many parents are preparing their children for life as it was in 1990 and not life as it is today.

Every aspect of Child Exploitation has significant elements online whether that be Sexual exploitation, Gang membership, drug dealing, internet influencers, sexualisation of children or even abuse from within families.

We believe that if a parent/carer or person working with children has a low understanding of the internet then it is likely to lead to a lot of misunderstanding and the adult, as a result, may inadvertently increase the risks surrounding a child.

Having spent many years working as Police Detectives in various covert roles tackling Online and Offline Child Exploitation The ‘2 Johns’ are regarded as experts in their field and every year they work in hundreds of Primary and Secondary Schools interacting with Children, Teachers and Parents.

Over the past 6 years John and John (The 2 Johns) have been key speakers at numerous major events throughout the country. In Essex they are regularly commissioned by the Safeguarding Children’s Board, the various Community Safety Partnerships and Essex Youth Service to deliver both staff training and bespoke sessions for large numbers of children, this includes their successful "Walk Online Roadshow' which is delivered to thousands of children every year.  They are regularly invited to appear as keynote speakers at conferences looking at Child Exploitation.  

If you chose to work with EST E Safety Training then we feel confident that we will change your school/organisation’s approach to Online Child Exploitation and better enable you to deal with the very real modern day risks.

You don’t need to take our word for it, please feel free to talk to any of the hundreds of schools and organisations we already work with or alternatively look at the reviews and recommendations that can be found on our Facebook page ‘EST E Safety Training’

To find out about the different events we offer please see the School Training Events area on this website. The aim of the events is to change your perspective of what our children's lives look like online and to make you challenge many of your current thought processes when trying to keep children safe from today’s hidden harms. As you may be aware ‘The 2 Johns’ are well known for delivering bespoke training sessions within schools and other organisations that cover all areas of Online Child Exploitation. 

At the end of events we believe you will have a much greater understanding of what children are doing online and will have a much better chance of keeping them safe.

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Working with AVG at The Digital Kids Show - London

On Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May 2019 , AVG attended the Digital Kids Show in London  along with EST E Safety Training to run workshops for parents and kids on how to keep safe online. We spoke with mums and dads to see how much they understand about what kids are sharing online and how #StrangerDanger is still relevant in the online world.

More details can be found here ➡️

 BBC 2 - Victoria Derbyshire Show

In May, John & John were invited by The BBC to present to the children at Arthur Bugler Primary School in Stanford-Le-Hope for an article about how children are groomed online through the game Roblox. The BBC filmed the presentation and interviewed John and John about how they felt children were at risk.

'I thought he was playing an innocent game'

Online multiplayer game Roblox, which has 90 million users worldwide, is marketed at children - but there are fears it also being used to groom them.

Reporter Rachel Stonehouse hears from one mother, who explains how this happened to her young son.

Roblox said its in-game chat had very stringent filters and any photo exchange would have been done on a third-party app, that is not "affiliated or integrated with Roblox".

It added: "It's extremely important to be aware of these chat apps, particularly [those with an] 'overlay' feature making it appear to be part of whatever game is being played."

Click here to see the full clip 

The 2 Johns are very proud that following a recent inspection of Thurrock LSCB by OFSTED they singled out their Walk Online Roadshow as an example of outstanding practice, their positive words have given them even further motivation to take the Roadshow out to a wider audience.

So far the roadshow has been seen by over 80000 children over the past year taking in Basildon, Thurrock, Maldon, Saffron Walden, Braintree and Brentwood along with many individual schools.


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