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On Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November, AVG attended the Digital Kids Show in Manchester, UK, along with EST E Safety Training to run workshops for parents and kids on how to keep safe online. We spoke with mums and dads to see how much they understand about what kids are sharing online and how #StrangerDanger is still relevant in the online world. Here are some highlights from the event.

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When you think about Stranger Danger are you thinking of a white van outside a school or a man with a dog that has just had puppies?

In 2019 the Danger of Strangers to our children has never been more profound and has never been more removed from the lessons we learnt growing up. There is a complex web of reasons why children subject to online sexual exploitation will not disclose to us. This is as a result of grooming techniques used by pedophiles but more alarmingly is worsened by our current approach both as teachers and parents.

John and John wrote, produced and have been presenting the ‘Walk Online’ roadshow in Southend and Thurrock. To date this has been seen by over 14000 children. Throughout March 2017 we presented an updated version of the Roadshow for the Thurrock Safeguarding Children's Board which was seen by all year 5, 10 and 11 students in the District.

Over the past 3 years John and John have been key speakers at numerous major events including the Essex Headteachers conference, Essex Deputy Headteachers conference, the Essex Safeguarding Children's Board conference and the Rape Crisis conference.

To find out about the different events we offer please see the School Training Events area on this website. The aim of the events is to change your perspective of what our children's lives look like online and to make you challenge many of your current thought processes when trying to keep children safe from todays hidden harms. As you may be aware ‘The 2 Johns’ are well known for delivering bespoke training sessions within schools and other organisations that cover all areas of Child Sexual Exploitation. 

At the end of events we believe you will have a much greater understanding of what children are doing online and will have a much better chance of keeping them safe. We will be covering many new and emerging apps that have appeared over the last year.

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The 2 Johns are very proud that following a recent inspection of Thurrock LSCB by OFSTED they singled out their Walk Online Roadshow as an example of outstanding practice, their positive words have given them even further motivation to take the Roadshow out to a wider audience.

So far the roadshow has been seen by over 80000 children over the past year taking in Basildon, Thurrock, Maldon, Saffron Walden, Braintree and Brentwood along with many individual schools.


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Recent Feedback

I attended the talk at Brightside last night and wanted to thank you. Your delivery and how you got your message across was excellent, you were engaging, and informative, you really connected with us and the kids earlier that day. The content of your sessions has truly shocked me. In my naivety, I had no idea. You have made me question our approach to tech which has been very much to keep it limited, out of reach. We don’t game and spend very little time online as a family. But I can see I am not teaching my kids how to be safe with this approach. We will now consider a ‘letting out the rope’ approach. I don’t know how you keep sane and positive dealing with this subject throughout your career and it must at times be unimaginably soul destroying. But thank you for doing so, for helping open my eyes and for making a massive contribution to keeping our kids safe.

Feb 2019

I've seen John present this several times and I'm amazed how fast things change. You need to see this every six months to stand a chance of keeping up. The facts, stats, anecdotes, quotes, videos and walk-throughs are expertly presented. The things you thought you knew are probably 100% polar opposite to reality. Be prepared for a difficult listen backed by hard evidence - usually from 1,000s of kids from local schools during the previous week! If you don't think it applies to you or you think you already have this kind of thing covered - think again and book up for their next session.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

The two John's came to the school I work in today and I can't thank them enough for the knowledge they've installed into the children and the staff. I thought I was pretty clued up with internet safety but I was actually so very naive. I am shocked by what I learnt today but with great advice and information, I'm now tooled to address the issues I previously didn't even realise existed. I can't recommend these guys enough! Thank you..

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Fantastic workshop, with a huge impact. Finally some "real" and relevant information, that will help us keep our children that little bit safer when playing certain games and using certain apps. It is shocking to learn about the actual danger out there - forget 'stranger danger'! Very impressed with parenting tips, which made me think twice about how to approach online safety, to ensure our children will actually tell us when things are 'not right'. Thank you!!!!

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

I considered my self pretty knowledgeable on internet safety but the two John's opened my eyes to a whole different world. Not only did they bring me up to date with how my children are at risk, but gave fantastic advice on communicating with our children to keep them safe online. Prior to the session I was really sceptical but I highly recommend anyone with children attend a session.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Had E Safety training with one of the Johns today as part of the onward training I have for my profession. I cant say enough about how informative the training was and how helpful. My eyes were really opened to the dangers which are not at all apparent on a lot of the Apps and games our children play. We were also advised on the way to handle situations such as grooming and how technology is now a very important factor in our childrens lives. As a parent wanting to keep your child safe your immediate reaction may be to deny them access to the internet or live gaming. We were told how this only makes matters worse and how to deal with these situations in a constructive manner. I thoroughly recommend this course.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

These guys came into our school and totally opened my eyes to a world I thought I was fully in touch wrong I was. I’ve emailed them with separate questions about apps my son has wanted and they’ve always given a full and thorough guide and explanation of how to let him play in a completely safe way. Happy parent knowing he is safe; happy son as he is allowed to play the latest games.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd