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The Danger of Strangers Online

As you may be aware ‘The 2 Johns’ are well known for delivering bespoke training sessions within schools and other organisations that cover all areas of Child Sexual Exploitation.

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'EST E Safety Training'

The 2 Johns are very proud that following a recent inspection of Thurrock LSCB by OFSTED they singled out their Walk Online Roadshow as an example of outstanding practice their positive words have given them even further motivation to take the Roadshow out to a wider audience.

So far the roadshow has been seen by over 80000 children over the past year taking in Basildon, Thurrock, Maldon, Saffron Walden, Braintree and Brentwood along with many individual schools

If you wish to make a booking the below events may be for you. Alternatively we will happily discuss alternatives with you.



Morning Walk Online Event for children 

Session 1 – Year 3 and 4 (40 minute session)

Session 2 – Year 5 and 6 (Full 90 minute roadshow)


Afternoon/Evening full event 1300 – 2100 priced at £800.00.

Session 1 – Year 3 and 4 (40 minute session)

Session 2 – Year 5 and 6 (Full 90 minute roadshow)

Session 3 – Staff session (90-120 minutes)

Session 4 – Parent Event


Extended full event 1030 - 2100 priced at £940.00

Session 1 - Year 1 (30 minute Session)

Session 2 - Year 2 (30 minute session)

Session 3– Year 3 and 4 (40 minute session)

Session 4 – Year 5 and 6 (Full 90 minute roadshow)

Session 5 – Staff session (90-120 minutes)

Session 6 – Parent Event


Stand alone Parent Evening 1900 - 2100 priced at £240.00

EVENT 5 – New for 2018

We are now able to offer a follow up training day to schools that have booked Event 1, 2 or 3. Priced at £220.00

We have put together age appropriate lessons for year 3 and 4 and then 5 and 6 that are designed to embed the learning outcomes from the ‘Walk Online sessions’.

We have realised that the post event approach to our sessions has been varied and we wanted to offer a more structured option that schools can consider using.

The lessons will involve group work and will help the students to make links between their activity online and the lessons they learnt in the ‘Walk Online sessions’

The availability of these sessions is very limited and on a first come first served basis. The sessions aren’t available to book unless combined with a main event for the children.

Event 6 - Children's Event for KS1 Priced at £280.00
Session 1 -Year 1 (30 minute session)
Session 2 - Year 2 (30/40 minute session)
We are happy to combine reception children with Year 1 if required

We also be run events for Secondary Schools where the children's sessions are managed to match the age groups and as such the material is much more hard hitting.

We are happy to discuss individual requirements and run an event that meets your objectives. 

When working in a secondary school we typically cover all year groups in a day. Each session is an hour in duration and is bespoke per year group. We offer a package whereby we follow the children's events with Staff and Parent sessions in the evening

If you would like to visit the two Johns Facebook page you can do so by searching for

‘EST E Safety Training’ or alternatively you can find them at

Any booking requests should be made to the two Johns at

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John and John

EST E Safety Training

You can now find us on Facebook at EST E Safety Training.
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When you think about Stranger Danger are you thinking of a white van outside a school or a man
with a dog that has just had puppies?
In 2016 the Danger of Strangers to our children has never been more profound and has never
been more removed from the lessons we learnt growing up. There is a complex web of reasons
why children subject to online sexual exploitation will not disclose to us. This is as a result of
grooming techniques used by pedophiles but more alarmingly is worsened by our current approach
both as teachers and parents.
John and John wrote, produced and have been presenting the ‘Walk Online’ roadshow in Southend
and Thurrock. To date this has been seen by over 14000 children. Throughout March this year we
have presented an updated version of the Roadshow for the Thurrock Safeguarding Children's
Board which was seen by all year 5, 10 and 11students in the District.
Over the past 3 years John and John have been key speakers at numerous major events including
the Essex Headteachers conference, Essex Deputy Headteachers conference, the Essex
Safeguarding Children's Board conference and the Rape Crisis conference
At the end of events we believe you will have a much greater understanding of what children are
doing online and will have a much better chance of keeping them safe. We will be covering many
new and emerging apps that have appeared over the last year.
The aim of  events is to change your perspective of what our children's lives look like online and
to make you challenge many of your current thought processes when trying to keep children safe
from todays hidden harms.
Recent Feedback 2017

Wow what a great insight to the world we live in! Opened my eyes and I thought I was internet savvy! These guys are brilliant, to the point and honest, nothing sugar coated! (For us parents anyway). Highly recommended these guys.


Fantastic workshop, with a huge impact. Finally some "real" and relevant information, that will help us keep our children that little bit safer when playing certain games and using certain apps. It is shocking to learn about the actual danger out there - forget 'stranger danger'! Very impressed with parenting tips, which made me think twice about how to approach online safety, to ensure our children will actually tell us when things are 'not right'. Thank you!!!!


I always thought I was quite app savvy and that the restrictions I put in place were enough to keep my daughter safe online. This course changed my mind. It was informative, scary in places and a real eye opener. I urge all parents with children of all ages to take part in this if you have the opportunity.


Really pleased I attending the meeting provided. I was frightened about what I was going to hear and how I would deal with it, however, my perception has been completely changed and I have come away with information and tools to help me keep my children safer when playing games/using apps. Thank you!!


Went to this training course tonight thinking my kids are pretty safe has I do check all their apps are private and came out of they in shock, it was mind blowing. Would definitely recommend this to every parent