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The Danger of Strangers Online

As you may be aware ‘The 2 Johns’ are well known throughout Essex for delivering bespoke training sessions within schools and other organisations that cover all areas of Child Sexual Exploitation.

If you want to stay up to date with everything we are doing and stay ahead of the main emerging online risks to children then please follow us on Facebook at

'EST E Safety Training'

Two of the most popular bookings are their full events incorporating sessions for Children/Staff and Parents and morning events where they deliver sessions for year 3 and 4 and year 5 and 6 students.

The 2 Johns are very proud that following a recent inspection of Thurrock LSCB by OFSTED they singled out their Walk Online Roadshow as an example of outstanding practice their positive words have given them even further motivation to take the Roadshow out to a wider audience.

So far the roadshow has been seen by over 28000 children over the past year taking in Basildon, Thurrock, Maldon, Saffron Walden and Brentwood along with many individual schools

If you wish to make a booking the below events may be for you. Alternatively we will happily discuss alternatives with you. 


Morning Walk Online Event for children priced at £420.00. 

Session 1 – Year 3 and 4 (40 minute session)

Session 2 – Year 5 and 6 (Full 90 minute roadshow)

Event 2

Afternoon/Evening event 1300 – 2100 priced at £800.00. 

Session 1 – Year 3 and 4 (40 minute session)

Session 2 – Year 5 and 6 (Full 90 minute roadshow)

Session 3 – Staff session (90-120 minutes)

Session 4 – Parent Event

Each of these two events can also be run for Secondary Schools where the children's sessions are managed to match the age groups and as such the material is much more hard hitting.

We are happy to discuss individual requirements and run an event that meets your objectives.

If you would like to visit the two Johns Facebook page you can do so by searching for

‘EST E Safety Training’ or alternatively you can find them at

Any booking requests should be made to the two Johns at

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EST E Safety Training

You can now find us on Facebook at EST E Safety Training.
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When you think about Stranger Danger are you thinking of a white van outside a school or a man
with a dog that has just had puppies?
In 2016 the Danger of Strangers to our children has never been more profound and has never
been more removed from the lessons we learnt growing up. There is a complex web of reasons
why children subject to online sexual exploitation will not disclose to us. This is as a result of
grooming techniques used by pedophiles but more alarmingly is worsened by our current approach
both as teachers and parents.
John and John wrote, produced and have been presenting the ‘Walk Online’ roadshow in Southend
and Thurrock. To date this has been seen by over 14000 children. Throughout March this year we
have presented an updated version of the Roadshow for the Thurrock Safeguarding Children's
Board which was seen by all year 5, 10 and 11students in the District.
Over the past 3 years John and John have been key speakers at numerous major events including
the Essex Headteachers conference, Essex Deputy Headteachers conference, the Essex
Safeguarding Children's Board conference and the Rape Crisis conference
At the end of events we believe you will have a much greater understanding of what children are
doing online and will have a much better chance of keeping them safe. We will be covering many
new and emerging apps that have appeared over the last year.
The aim of  events is to change your perspective of what our children's lives look like online and
to make you challenge many of your current thought processes when trying to keep children safe
from todays hidden harms.
Recent Feedback 25/04/16

‘I found this talk hugely informative, up to date and very engaging. It is unfortunate that it is

relevant to the world we now live in, however taking this information forward it means that as

parents we are better informed and are able to protect our children accordingly. Having statistical

information about what our children had confirmed earlier on in the day was very thought provoking

and added an even stronger emphasis on the messages being given to us as parents. My child also

found his talk very informative. He advised us that it gave him more in depth information to areas we

had already touched upon in the home regarding Internet safety, and because someone other that his

'nagging parents' told him, he now believes the dangers are really there. Once again, thank you! I

understand the difficulty you faced deciding to show this and I truly believe that by doing so you

have helped to protect so many children in our school.‘


‘I just wanted to pass my thanks on to the school for arranging the Internet safety evening last

night, the information that was passed on to us parents was very much needed and I for one am after

last nights meeting very naive when it comes to what our children are able to access online and

although it was very frightening at times it was also very eye opening and enlightening. I am so

thankful to the school for setting up the safety evening so I am able to get prepared and hopefully

do my best to keep my child safe whilst he accesses the World Wide Web.‛


‘I would like to say how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to attend last night's talk.

I left with my head spinning trying to process all the information received. It certainly changed my

whole perspective on internet safely and has completely changed the way I will now deal with this

issue. We have probably already had more discussions with the kids today than ever previously

before. Thank you so much for arranging this event ,it has been greatly appreciated.‛


‘I felt the evening was extremely informative for parents, opening our minds to the easy yet

seemingly innocent opportunities for the exploitation of children. I was shocked by some things, and

learned more about the methods used to groom children for sexual activity or radicalisation. I felt

proud of our community that so many parents made the effort to attend and more so, that our school

were generous enough to pay for this, for the safety of all our children. This morning my son asked

what I had thought about it and it gave me a valuable opportunity to communicate with him about the

content and how we would face these things, should it ever occur. It was a great time to let him know

that I would never ban or blame him. I do not think we can talk about this enough with our children,

especially when as adults we have already instilled the ideas of child safety from our own childhood

learning! If they can take that in then we can continue to teach them and talk to them to ensure

their safety online too. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to approach Internet safety with my

children and access to the thinkuknow website via the link on the school‛s web page. It's reassuring

to know that the school already had this on there and that at its heart, the safety of our children is

obviously paramount.